About Moodprint

Moodprint is an application designed to make mood tracking painless, flexible, and, above all else, useful. It is built with love by Ben Scofield.

Who's that?

That's me! Back in 2013, I had some vague ideas about how work, family, exercise, diet, and hobbies all interacted with my mood. Every time I was bothered to think about it, though, I realized that I wasn't exactly sure about how I'd been feeling hours or days before. So, like any good coder, I built a tool. It sent me email several times a day, and I'd reply with how I was feeling. As it turned out, the data from this ended up being really interesting—I was able to find triggers for some emotions, and ended up being happier and more productive overall.

Inspired by this success, I realized that other people might also find such a tool useful, so I set out to rebuild it for a larger audience... and thus, Moodprint was born!